Sunday, July 19, 2009

Complete Vindication

Now with my Vindicator done, I've really only left with two Rhinos to finish. That's not too terribly much to ask, but I've got much less than a week to complete them. I'm basically going to have to double my usual pace with these last ones. Once they're complete, however, I'll have all my 1500pt list completed. I'll had much more than that in potential points that I can put on a table. Well... maybe not MUCH more, but more nonetheless. I'm very excited to be near completion and I just can't wait to put these suckers on a table and play a real game of 40K. Soon! Less than a week for sure. Wish me luck. Here are some more shots of the Vindicator:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down to the wire

Here we are. I started painting this army back in mid March. I've got a week left on the clock to finish it off. Just over 1500 points of Space Marines form my very first 40K army. My very first table-top war game army, to be honest.

What's left?

I've got just some vehicles left. I have a Vindicator, a Rhino, and a Predator that I'm really going to be running as a Rhino (magnetized to also run as a Predator). I've got a week to finish all three. Not an impossible feat for most painters, but I'm still new, and I'm slow. In addition to that I've kinda slacked off on basing all my units as I finished them. I find basing to be the most tedious activity of the modeling portion of this hobby so naturally I sluff it off. My Vindicator is underway and my Rhino is assembled. The Predator is not assembled and will be the last thing I paint.

Why the time limit?

I'm not competing in a tourney or anything like that. I'm traveling home to Texas at the end of next week. When I arrive, my good friend will have a brand new 1500 point Necron army waiting for my Space Marines. See, he's also new to 40K so we're going to have some learning battles. I'm a little OCD about things, and I'm determined to have a completely painted army. Bases might have to wait, but paint is the utmost importance.

Wish me luck as I race against the clock to finish this army out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So long as this banner never falls...

This standard barer completes my Command Squad. This is probably the most amount of freehand I've done to date. I'm satisfied with the results, but I feel that I could have gone a lot further with this. I don't have enough paints, and I realize that now that I REALLY needed them. I think the banner is understated and that is just fine by me. I also realize, as I'm typing this, that I should have taken a photo of how I made his banner arm removable. I was worried about transporting this guy, for obvious reasons, so I decided that I'd make that arm removable. I knew that the small magnets wouldn't work, and that the larger magnets wouldn't grip the banner hard enough such that it would just rotate down. I decided that I would magnetize AND pin the arm. I ended up using two pins, and a pair of magnets. I decided to add a furter bit of metal to help the magnets "grip" just a little bit. Works like a charm. Now all I have to worry about is how this setup will wear. This figure signals a completion of the infantry for my first army. I have three vehicles to go, then I'm finished with my first 1500 point army. Here are some detail shots for your enjoyment:

Friday, July 10, 2009

What we need is transport.

My Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 432 arrived today. WOW what a bag. It was a little pricey at $150, but I'm ever so glad I did it. Lots of storage space. I just went for the standard Space Marine foam package and I have plentiful space to grow. The foam is perfect; just rigid enough to provide amble protection but not such that it would damage the miniatures. It came with three thin sheets of foam, perfect for covering each tray. Everything fit wonderfully and I've already packed my templates and dice... just need to finish my army. Getting close though... getting close.

MEDIC! Um I mean APOTHECARY! Doesn't roll off the tongue, does it?

Completed the Apothecary for the Command Squad. If I never have to paint a solid white figure again, that's just find to me. I shaded with a grey-blue mix and I think that worked well. I decided to dirty him up a little to give him a slight worn in look. The shoulders, backpack, chest, helmet, and crazy Apothecary arm became my focus as I knew those sections would end up defining this white figure. I actually did have a lot of fun with this model, and learned a few nifty techniques for highlighting. This is also the first time I've painted each feather on the chest aquila and I think it shows that extra bit of love. Here are a few more shots:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Animal Magnetism

So I have these five scouts from my Space Marine Battleforce that I've not really figured into my 1500 point list. I've been thinking that I could possibly modify them in such a way that I can easily choose their weapons so I can kinda throw them on a table with different specializations in mind. I drilled out the torso about where the arms would attach. These are 1/8th inch rare earth magnets and they hold really well. I recommend buying these from Amazing Magnets as they're VERY cheap compared to what you find in stores. The arms have 1/16th inch magnets. I approximated the left hand position for the heavy weapon and glued it on with some super glue. All done! Now all I have to do is magnetize the other weapon choices (shotguns and bolters) and I'm good to go. I'll most likely skip the close combat options. Here are some detail pics:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Two more done!

So I've completed those two marines for my Command Squad. They ended up looking very nice indeed. I need to work on how I shadow white. That's possibly the hardest mixing I've had to do. I think I ended up with just too much blue in there. It looks a little too shocking in the photos but in real life it looks better. This Command Squad is going to be fancy. Very fancy indeed. I'm going to start working on my extra scout squad. I want to try out some magnetization on them and see how they look. My goal is to make a very fexible group of five, all with changable weapons. I'll let you know how that comes out. In the meantime, here's some more pics:

Command Squad Flunkies

I was working to try and finish two more marines for my Command Squad. I was SUPREMELY distracted today with a barrage of mostly good movies. First Blade Runner, then Total Recal, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean . Spent the morning on the beach as well so I really didn't work efficiently at all. All I have left to do one these two, however is to do some passes with a few washes. Here are their current state:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Orks of July! Dem fire whazzits is best!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I thought I'd slap up a pic of this here Ork Deffkopta. I plan on making an Ork army once I'm done with my Space Marines. This bad boy is part of the Assault on Black Reach starter set, and he's just full of personallity. I didn't really assemble him, just kind of put things together finger tight. I've played a few games of 40K using Vassal and I've faired pretty well with the Orks. They have just an incredible ability to plow through enemies in close combat. They seem very customizable too, as a whole army, such that you could really tweak out each unit to fill a very unique roles. As my friend has now discovered, you want to stay out of close combat completely with these guys, unless you're very much specialised and built for just that. The squads of 30 Boyz coming at you is just a fearsome sight. I'm not sure I am looking forward to painting all those models, but with my track record being what it is... I might do it with a grin on my face.

That new blog smell...

So here it begins. I've been posting a good while on the forums. I've had a work-in-progress thread going on for quite some time. While I like those forums and everyone had been very kind, I thought I'd put all this in a place a little bit more... controlled by me. So my goal is to post my thought and progress concerning my adventures into Warhammer 40K painting and gaming. I just gotta keep up with it.

My first update here will feature my Command Squad Champion. You can click on him to find my Picasa gallery for all of my 40K things to date.

I really really enjoyed painting this guy. The pics have a kinda rough look to the surface. It's much worse in the pics than in real life. That's me spraying the primer a little too far from the figure. Lesson learned.