Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Orks of July! Dem fire whazzits is best!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I thought I'd slap up a pic of this here Ork Deffkopta. I plan on making an Ork army once I'm done with my Space Marines. This bad boy is part of the Assault on Black Reach starter set, and he's just full of personallity. I didn't really assemble him, just kind of put things together finger tight. I've played a few games of 40K using Vassal and I've faired pretty well with the Orks. They have just an incredible ability to plow through enemies in close combat. They seem very customizable too, as a whole army, such that you could really tweak out each unit to fill a very unique roles. As my friend has now discovered, you want to stay out of close combat completely with these guys, unless you're very much specialised and built for just that. The squads of 30 Boyz coming at you is just a fearsome sight. I'm not sure I am looking forward to painting all those models, but with my track record being what it is... I might do it with a grin on my face.

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