Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field

The newest addition to my budding Ork army is this Big Mek with the Kustom Force Field. I've commented on my personal delight in the outstanding comical qualities of the Orks, both from the codex and the models themselves. This model certainly reinforces that. The model was very simple to paint, and came out looking pretty nice. I didn't feel daunted by the details on the model, I simple started by dry brushing most of the Kustom Force Field pack. I took inspiration from the various panels and how things were going, and just kept building from there. I read a little strategy article after gluing him together about how it's recommended to take a burna with him as it gives him some utility while embarked in a vehicle and works as a power weapon in close combat. Well... too late now. I don't mind much because that choppa/wrench he has is just awesome looking. His arm position, leaning on the wrench is just perfect.
I also need to add that this is by far the heaviest single model that I own now. He certainly was a substantial chunk of metal. For the base, I decorated that with some "gears" to give him a bit more of the Mek Boy look. I had a tool kit from the Whirlwind box, but it didn't quite fit on the base without covering too much of the model. I also put a little nail varnish on the lenses to give them a shiny glass look. I like it.
I now have 10 Ork Nobz to prime and paint in about a week. I've gained a little courage and glued them all together prior to priming. I'm curious how much trouble this might add to the painting process. I see plenty of respected painters that do this, and it leads me to believe that there isn't much of a negative aspect to this at all. I also have their bases sitting there with the gravel glued and drying right now. I'm half tempted to go ahead and glue them to the bases... eh... maybe I'm not quite that brave yet.
Here are some more pictures of the Big Mek with the Kustom Force Field. I've also thrown in a shot with a Ork Boy next to him for size comparison:

Grey Knights completed

I've completed that final two Grey Knight Terminators for my little clump of terminators to be allied with my space marines chapter. I'll basically be running a Grand Master and five terminators as his retinue. This leaves me with lots of expansion room should I want to add more units either as further Demon Hunter allies or as a possible stand-alone Demon Hunters army. I've said it before, but I'll just say it again here: These are awesome looking characters. The Terminators from the Grey Knights are just so sharp looking. The near medieval look to their helmets and the nice engraved lettering really make these guys a treat to paint and own. I'll be interested in how they perform on the table. Here are a few pics of my latest additions as well a group shot: