Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down to the wire

Here we are. I started painting this army back in mid March. I've got a week left on the clock to finish it off. Just over 1500 points of Space Marines form my very first 40K army. My very first table-top war game army, to be honest.

What's left?

I've got just some vehicles left. I have a Vindicator, a Rhino, and a Predator that I'm really going to be running as a Rhino (magnetized to also run as a Predator). I've got a week to finish all three. Not an impossible feat for most painters, but I'm still new, and I'm slow. In addition to that I've kinda slacked off on basing all my units as I finished them. I find basing to be the most tedious activity of the modeling portion of this hobby so naturally I sluff it off. My Vindicator is underway and my Rhino is assembled. The Predator is not assembled and will be the last thing I paint.

Why the time limit?

I'm not competing in a tourney or anything like that. I'm traveling home to Texas at the end of next week. When I arrive, my good friend will have a brand new 1500 point Necron army waiting for my Space Marines. See, he's also new to 40K so we're going to have some learning battles. I'm a little OCD about things, and I'm determined to have a completely painted army. Bases might have to wait, but paint is the utmost importance.

Wish me luck as I race against the clock to finish this army out.


Mitch said...

Those are some really ncie marines!

Sam said...

Thanks man. Really appreciate it.