Saturday, July 4, 2009

That new blog smell...

So here it begins. I've been posting a good while on the forums. I've had a work-in-progress thread going on for quite some time. While I like those forums and everyone had been very kind, I thought I'd put all this in a place a little bit more... controlled by me. So my goal is to post my thought and progress concerning my adventures into Warhammer 40K painting and gaming. I just gotta keep up with it.

My first update here will feature my Command Squad Champion. You can click on him to find my Picasa gallery for all of my 40K things to date.

I really really enjoyed painting this guy. The pics have a kinda rough look to the surface. It's much worse in the pics than in real life. That's me spraying the primer a little too far from the figure. Lesson learned.

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