Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Animal Magnetism

So I have these five scouts from my Space Marine Battleforce that I've not really figured into my 1500 point list. I've been thinking that I could possibly modify them in such a way that I can easily choose their weapons so I can kinda throw them on a table with different specializations in mind. I drilled out the torso about where the arms would attach. These are 1/8th inch rare earth magnets and they hold really well. I recommend buying these from Amazing Magnets as they're VERY cheap compared to what you find in stores. The arms have 1/16th inch magnets. I approximated the left hand position for the heavy weapon and glued it on with some super glue. All done! Now all I have to do is magnetize the other weapon choices (shotguns and bolters) and I'm good to go. I'll most likely skip the close combat options. Here are some detail pics:

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