Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Years of Blogging!

Three Years of Blogging!

     First things first: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Also... YAY for three years of blogging. I just happened to check when my first post was the other day, and I had no clue that I even started this thing that long ago. Seems like only yesterday I was still working my way through my first 40K army. I was in a big rush as I was going to take my freshly completed army back home on vacation and play my very first game of 40K with a friend.

     So many things have changed in those three years. When I got started into this hobby, Land Raiders were roughly $20 cheaper. That's really sad, when you think about it. The kit is exactly the same. The only thing that has changed about the kit is that the mold is older, thus less quality. Has the cost of plastic gone up that much? Certainly not. I know that GW prices their kits based on how many they think they'll sell, not how much they actually cost.

     In the recent months, since GW's price change, draconian shipping policies, and "Fine Cast" shenanigans, I've lost much of my interest in 40K. I know I'm not alone in that. I certainly still enjoy the fiction, and I'll very much stay with the game. The biggest thing is that I'm done building new armies. I've already stated that I'll only every upgrade existing armies from here on out.

     So I'm building two Firestorm Armada fleets, and looking at also trying out Infinity and Battletech. What I'm seeing is that there's some fantastic new games out there, and they're cheaper and the developers are far more eager to please. I'm not wishing any ill-will on GW, I just want them to take a good hard look around them, and realize that their current business model is dated, to say the least.

Aquan Prime is ... Primed?

     Just finished putting a base coat of dark blue on the cruisers and battleship for my wife's Aquan Prime fleet. I've had to do some tests to figure out how to paint this fleet up. Certainly I'm trying to keep that cool aquatic style of the Aquans. So I made a few trials on a few pieces of cardboard. I ended up with the following scheme:

     And there are teeth marks on that cardboard from a cat. Stupid cat! Anyways... I'll be painting up the cruisers this week. That's all for now. Here's to three more years!

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