Thursday, June 23, 2011

Firestorm Armada: Frigates! Is that a dirty word?

Starter Fleet is finished!

     I just wrapped up my painting on the six frigates included in the Dindrenzi starter box. Though they were easy enough to paint, these were my least favorite models. Mostly because the fuselage was white metal and the engines were resin. They presented the most difficulty in construction, and actually are continuing to piss me off in regards to getting them to sit properly on their flying bases. I'm hoping I don't get an urge to purchase more frigates. I'll stick to the capital sized vessels instead.

     I magnetized all the ships to their bases. That wasn't easy, and I'm still rather unsatisfied with the results. While most of them are sitting pretty level, they continue to rotate on their post a little bit. What I'd like to see is for Spartan Games to adapt a Phillips head style post end to stick into the ships. This would negate rotation and would likely mean that you wouldn't have to glue the ship into the base. As good as these models are, I can't help but think they need a more elegant base solution. Also I'm hesitant to glue these things in (which would solve the rotation and some of the more unstable models) because I'd like to transport these things. I'm looking to purchase the Battle Foam bag when they release the Firestorm: Armada trays.

     Here are a few more shots of the frigates and the starter fleet. Enjoy:


Anonymous said...


They look shit-hot! The last shot of the fleet DEFINITELY makes me want to get some of these.

Do you think Firestorm Armada could be played as part of a campaign for 40K? We were thinking about incorporating Battle Fleet Gothic but the FA models are a lot cheaper, would also allow me to take more of my money away from GW and give it to the little guys.

Have you managed a game yet then?

Seriously, well done, they look amazing!

Sam said...

Not only do I think you could use these as part of a 40K campaign, I'm pretty sure I'm planning on it. Actually Spartan has an expansion planned called Firestorm Invasion. It's going to be all the planet surface combat. The scale is going to be around Flames of War size I believe. They are obviously intending it to be used in conjunction with FSA to make a integrated campaign.

Haven't gotten a game in just yet, but once my wife's starter fleet is done, I'm all over it. The rules are pretty clear, and it seems like a game that is simple to learn, but possibly difficult to master due to the very different style of play from 40K.

Oh and the starter kits are TRUE starter kits. You'll have a very playable fleet just from one kit. Add in just one more blister, and you're really at optimal fleet size for some good games.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. cool!

I'm going to keep a very close eye on your blog for updates Sam. I have had a bit of a look at the fleets and I think I like the look of the Sorylian Collective and the Relthoza starters.

Sorylian is good but the ships all look very similar, the Relthoza however have a bit of variety.

I wouldn't be worried that your ships aren't 100% level either mate. Looking on the spartan site it doesn't seem that even they can get them level either. I also think it would be very hard to notice if they were flying by themselves and not locked in a tight formation.