Sunday, July 17, 2011

Firestorm Armada: Aquan Update 3

Battleship and Cruisers complete!

     These models went very fast indeed. Most of the heavy lifting was all taken care of by the airbrush. Object source lighting (OSL) with the airbrush is awesome, but I can see how too much can look a little silly. Getting the pressure setup just right on the airbrush also seems like it takes a deft touch. That's something I'll have to learn as I go. I kept the engine glow as subtle as I could, and it doesn't show so great in the photo. Much in the same way that the diamonds look slightly less white than in real life. For whatever reason, these Aquan ships make my camera's color balance a little wacky. Oh well... can't expect too much out of a five year old camera.

     Frigates are up next, and I'm hoping to get them finished before the week is up. That's a challenge, with my schedule. But I'm going to give it the old college try. First order of business will be to drill out the mounting points on the ships for the flight stands. For some reason, they're all a little malformed, and all in the same way. Nothing I can't fix.

     Here are a few more pics of the finished ships:

turned the lights on!
 Magic space crystals propel the ship.
 And the battleship has MANY crystals.
 Cruisers have less crystals, but two of them are pretty large.
There you can see the two large crystals.

     Hope you enjoyed! I ordered some more war gaming goodies from, and should have those before the week is out. I'll share more when I have product in hand!


Grajo said...

Gotta love the lights!!!

I´m very impressed by the source lights and the way to paint the crystals.

Very good work indeed.

Erik said...

Hi there.
Great paint/sprayjob on the ships. The really look very aquanian-like (strange word..).

One thing really disturbs the whole thing. It looks, like the models where printed (you see the layers).

Anonymous said...

These are looking really amazing Sam, any updates for us?

Have you gotten any games in yet?

Sam said...

Oh yeah! Update forth coming. I'm waiting for something to arrive so I can wrap up so new stuff all in one big post.

Games were had, and enjoyed. Details, as I said, are coming soon! Thanks for posting all!

Unknown said...
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