Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait... WHO MADE THIS? Oh yeah and I played 40K.

This CAN'T be a coincidence!

     So this is the lamp for the display case that I featured in my last post. Look at the designer's name! MIKAEL WARNHAMMAR! ... WHAT? Totally meant to be. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Got Some Games In!

     A friend of mine was visiting from out of town. He was obliging enough to bring not one, but TWO armies. Since I had this Monday off, and he was on vacation, it seemed the perfect excuse to log some serious time on the table. We stopped by the local GW (which, as it turns out now isn't closing until the end of April, with promises to bring back the local Baltimore Battle Bunker somewhere not too far from my house... fingers crossed) and we took up shop on one of their two 6x4 tables.

     I need to put another plug in here for the Battle Missions book. I don't think nearly enough players out there know of or enjoy missions out of this little gem. I don't want to seem like I'm bashing everyone about the head about how much I like this book, but the three basic missions are incredibly boring to me. Two of them are practically the same game, and the other one is the most unimaginative mission you could possibly make. It's stone soup with just stones. Bleh!

     We got in two games, all told. One with his Grey Knights versus my Orks and the second with his Blood Angels versus my Orks (again). Though I won both games, they were interesting fare. The were a few interesting highlights. My Ork warboss, for example, has continued to be schooled by his Grand Master. Trick here is that he has purchased most of this army from a friend who STARTED this silly streak. So the same model! I think, at this point, we can call them arch rivals.

     OH IT'S SO ON!

     The Blood Angels game was a very strange beast for me. He was toting two Storm Ravens with five assault terminators with lightning claws and a sanguinary priest in terminator armor in each one. That's a whole lot of hurt. My Lootas managed to immobilize one that came on the board with a turbo boost. CRASH BANG! The other one was immobilized by a squad of Deff Koptas. The strangest thing about this match though, was that Ork shooting featured prominently in it. Whoa! Weird! If it wasn't the Deff Koptas (who admittedly didn't survive too long with the exception of one lonely Kopta) it was the Lootas, and if it wasn't the Lootas, it was the Bikes.  Assault was a dangerous phase for both armies. Furious charge can a victor make.

     And, for the record, I caused 21 wounds (Choppas, Big Choppas, and 'Urty Syringe) from my foot Nobs on one of his assault terminators. After 2+ saves and 4+ feel-no-pain... he took one wound.

     I don't know if he'll be putting up a batrep (YOU BETTER! I know you read this!), but when he does I'll be sure to link it.

Oh! Deffy got to dispense some hugs too!

     In more materialistic news: I bought the Badab War books. I need to frame these posters! One is freaking HUGE! Any tips guys?

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