Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Latest And Greatest In White Scars Mobility! Also... ouch!

Wait... Is this a bulldozer?

     It's a WWII Japanese bulldozer, to be exact. So I'm getting close to starting my IG vehicles. And before I plunge into the mass of armor, I wanted to get some techniques figured out first. I would like to have an idea of how I want to weather these vehicles, and I'd like to figure out how I'm going to do the camo.

     The best way to go about this, I figured, was to pick up some models I might not care about so much that aren't going to actually be a part of my army. My first selection was this bulldozer. I really liked the look of it. It looks like it would fit into 40K, what with all the crazy hoses. The scale actually looks like it might work too. Possibly a fun terrain piece. This is the first non-GW model I've ever assembled since getting into 40K. I really enjoyed it as it is a WAY more detailed model than I'm used to. But it wouldn't survive hard gaming for long, that much is obvious. Just look at the silly tiny control levers!

     They're wafer thin. Still it's a very cool model for something as silly as a bulldozer. But after I was finished assembling it, I realized that it didn't really offer amble surface area to try out my camo pattern. So I decided I would do my weathering trials with this and I'd have to find something else for the camo. I stopped by Toys R Us and found a box of three metal military vehicles for $8. Here's the one I'll likely try out my camo painting on first:

     Plenty of surface area, and some tricky bits to practice some of the harder bits. I'll have to get those terrible stickers off there though... pfft... Army? Really? Go Navy!

All of this is academic, I'm afraid...

     I might not be able to do much painting though. And this has nothing to do with motivation. It sadly has much more to do with this:

     Yup. Underneath that mound of bandaging is a nasty cut now sealed by four stitches. It is well known that I'm prone to the world's WORSE luck in life. Murphy's law is nothing to laugh at when I'm about. Fortune 500 companies will find the most creative ways to screw me over. If something on a vehicle can break, I'll find the way. If there is a way to cause maximum personal injury in a mostly benign situation, better have the EMTs standing by. What you see above is the result of me attempting to change the fourth flat tire I've had in the last six months.

     If you feel sympathy, bless you. If you want to give me some advice related to tires, forget it. I'm ordering an entire new set of four tires oh so very soon. Regardless, it's pretty damned difficult to do much sans index finger. I'm absolutely terrible at typing, but fortunately mouse clicking is still fairly easy.

     I'm hoping that I can at least do some airbrushing and some masking and whatnots. The final details that are needing to go on my Vox Caster (last model for my IG command squad) will just have to wait. It's aggravating.

     I leave you with a picture of the bulldozer box art. Hope to be back in the action soon, and if anyone out there happens to know of some interesting extra models like this one, let me know! Better yet, share in the comments!



Joe said...

I can imagine that dude on the Bulldozer yelling "FUCK YOUR PEARL HARBOR!!!" as he charges off of a pier and into the water.

Sam said...

What I found amusing was in the description found within the box. It tells how the Japanese didn't have such technology until they began raiding US airfields early during the conflict. Until that point they built the run ways by hand.