Friday, February 11, 2011

Let us all take a shiny silver chill pill...


     Well well well... Thanks to my friend Red, I didn't miss the most recent update to the "leaks" concerning the new Grey Knights codex. Three images were leaked, the one you see above, a back-of-the-box shot from the Dread Knight, and a very crappy cover of the codex shot. Here is the Dread Knight picture:

Hysterical Reactions

     So I came by these through If you want to see some insanely furious posters, go check it out. I'm not really one for the Sky-is-Falling approach. I much more prefer to take a deep breath and remember that we are talking about far-future space warriors with more internal organs than you can shake a stick at fighting strange aliens such as fungus men and space elves. It tends to put things in perspective.

     I'll freely admit that I've been guilty of overreactions concerning newer rules and models, namely Blood Angels and the Storm Raven. In both cases, I was proven wrong. The craziness of the Blood Angels is tempered by the points costs. The awkward initial "leaked" pic of the Storm Raven was pretty much the worst shot you could have taken of the model, except maybe if it were on fire. People are going crazy on the forums at, and one could rightfully argue that this is par for the course. I try not to steep my opinions in that heady atmosphere, as I long since have learned that forums can be a fickle, and frightful place.

My Reactions

     I'm totally down with what I see here. Let us be honest with ourselves here; This game is about epic badassness on a scale we had not yet previously experienced. This is a good chunk of why I'm in the hobby in the first place. If I wanted Space Marines with properly proportioned  bodies and no silly extra organs, I'd just play Halo. I want Ork silliness, Eldar snootiness, Guard Armorness, and these Grey Knights pics seem to add a new spicy mix to that recipe.

     The Dread Knight looks like it will be fun to covert and pose. The GK models in general (though hard to distinguish in the pics, I admit) look pretty well maintained, as far as their original look.

GK Rules

     If you haven't seen all the rules rumors, please check out my good friend's post over at Bolter and Chainsword: You won't be disappointed.

On the subject of "Leaks"

     You might have noticed that I've been placing quotes around the word "Leaks." This is quite deliberate. I'm now firmly of the opinion that these are deliberate actions of GW. I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories (quite the opposite), but all of these pictures (not just the GK ones, but going back through the last few Codices) have a uniform look to them. The fuzziness is always the same. The time frame from the actual product release date is near-enough-it-makes-no-difference the same.

     Let us now face facts: GW likes to strip tease us. Also... I'm kinda okay with that. I would rather them just come out with the nice large clean pics, but oh well. Gotta build the excitement, right? Also I'm reminded of this:

I'm Looking for a Fight!

     I will be at Area 51 Gaming in Dallas this evening, if anyone is interested in meeting up. I was out this way, thought I might take my Orks on the road, get an away game in. At the very least, meet some other 40K addicts like myself and swap some war stories. If you are in the area, but don't know the location, here's a link:

     I've never been there myself, but I ran into a few fellows that are regulars there at the last GW event I attended in Dallas. They seemed pretty cool, so I thought I'd check the place out.

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Regarding the nerd-rage of Warseer: The Inquisition thrives on the tears of heretics. Now the purging can be done with giant robots!