Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vanity... such a sin!

New Display case

     I just picked up this awesome glass display case from Ikea along with the little lamp at the top. Not a bad deal for what you get. Warning: If you're thinking about getting this, you should know the box weighs like 200 pounds! When I went to load the box for this thing onto the cart, I damned near threw my back out. My back has been touch-and-go lately, so this did me no favors.

     So yup, I came to the conclusion that I would like to see the fruits of my long hours painting more often than just when I'm playing. I don't know if that makes me vain, or what, but given the time, money, and effort I've put into these silly little toys, I might as well enjoy them.

     Yeah, that's a Rainbow Six 3 poster... framed... I'm a nerd. Yes I'm going to have to move it a little bit now that the display case is there. Totally worth it though. The light from the case is actually very nice and sort of ambient.

Cat on display.

Bionic eye? When she licks her nose, it fires the laser.

"Ok! Jokes over! LET ME OUT! DO NOT WANT!"

     Ah good fun! So I've put my Guard on the top shelf (what little I have), a sample of my Orks on the second, and an assortment of random other models on the third shelf. Tragic thing is that I don't really have anything for the very bottom. I think something substantial needs to go there, but I've no idea what. Ork Stompa?!?!?! OooOooOOOoOOoohhh! I think so! That might work. That could just go way up top though too.... Baneblade? Hmmm... Ideas.

Guard... looking a little thin. Need to fix that fast!

Orks I had too many of. I had to just choose a cross sample. 

An odd mix. My first ever 40K models in the back left, my Saguinary Priests front left, my Grey Knights front right, AoBR Dread kinda far right, and my strange Librarian and Honor Guard in the back... not fully painted.

     I have some interesting ideas for some further fun things to do with this case, but that's for another time. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

     I did get a game in (FINALLY!!!) last week at Area 51 in Dallas. My Orks had their faces melted by a Salamanders army. It was bad.... BAAAAAD! Heavy flamers DESTROYED my army. Not that I found that particularly surprising, but the speed at which it happened was a little startling. I did make it all the way through to the end of turn 6 before being tabled, but there wasn't much pleasure to be had from it.

     I did meet a lot of very cool gamers, with some excellent advice to give. I think I enjoyed the post-game conversation a lot more than the face melting. Regardless, it would be a pleasure to meet some of those excellent folks again sometime. Perhaps when I move back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I'll do just that.

     I took some pics of the game, but I don't know if I want to bother putting up a battle report. It would just be a lot of Orks on fire, and though that might please some of you guys, writing up the batrep might be a little painful. Well we'll see.

     I am expecting to get at least one game in this coming weekend (possibly more) against a friend visiting from out-of-town. He has brought Storm Ravens! We shall see how they do against my Ork army. Perhaps I'll do a full batrep for that.


The GunGrave said...

Nice! Iv'e got 2 of these with a third on the way! I feel guilty for some reason, having my minis packed away in a box! Putting them in a display case is just 'right'!

Buts its like you say; all the hard work people put into their minis, its only right they;re on display!

Warpaintguy said...

Nice! I have two of those and think most of us miniature painters have at least one as long as there's an Ikea somewhere close. My light's not that good and I have so much in it that the light doesn't get through to the second shelf.

Last pic of your cat looks as if it's going to take a crap.... watch out!


The Antipope said...

Yep, I got one of these things a few years back: . It seems that they have improved the design somehow. It was the cheapest display case I could get I guess but it could really do with a few more shelves for out miniature needs. Been planning to add some myself for ages but still haven't done it. Well, you can display your precious miniatures with pride now, like so many of us do :)

Bix said...

Great! Do Want!

Just checked UK Ikea and these things are a bargain...hmm now just to find the space.

Off to sweet talk the wife, your cat pics may help :)

Sam said...

Thanks for the feedback. I figured there were some other people out there that had found these as well. Guess that is certainly the case. Like I said in the post, I do have some interesting ideas for the case, and I'll be sure to share those with ya'll when I get around to testing these out. Stay tuned!