Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Holy Hand Grenade

     Here's a little sample of what I'm working on this week. I've set myself a goal of completing at least 8 models. I'll start priming tomorrow. Above are my two Sanguinary Priests. One with a Power Weapon (an Axe in this case) and the other with a Power Fist. I decided to model each of my priest type characters using some Black Templar bits to really make them stand apart. In addition to this, given that the Sanguinary Priests are typically holding a chalice, I thought I'd put my own chapter's spin on it. Each priest is holding a sort of "holy relic" if you will. The one on the left has the "Holy Hand Grenade" which is an orb from the Black Templar upgrade kit, and the one on the right has a thurible (incense burner). These priests will be painted black, to match the chaplain, with white surcoat. I choose the Death Masks from the Sanguinary guard because I thought they'd give the models a bit of a ominous look.

     Here's a look at my captain I'll be working on as well. He's modeled with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, as you can see. Again, I mixed some bits from the Black Templar upgrade kit along with a Space Marine Commander kit, Assault Marine kit, Sanguinary Guard helmet, and some Terminator bits for the hammer and shield. I magnetized the back pack to be either a jump pack or a regular back pack, thus giving me some flexibility on how I field him. In addition to that I'm preparing a Librarian for the same purpose. Here's a look:

     I'll actually be painting him up first as I've never placed a psycher on the table, so I'm wanting to give that a go. I've got a week to paint all these models up, before I head home for some vacation time and thus some serious Warhammer 40K time as well. I have a friend that is frantically trying to complete a Grey Knights army in time for my arrival as well. Best of luck!

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Warhammer39999 said...

That's a good looking captain you've got there.