Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ever feel like you've forgotten something?

     I'm back from a two week vacation back to my home town, Dallas. Every time I take some leave time, that's where I'm compelled to travel. As a Texan, I must return to my home country to recharge my batteries and find some examples of better living than where I currently live. One of these pleasures is playing 40K with my long time friends that live in the area. One of the others is visiting the GW store that's in the area.

     I tried, desperately, to complete the eight models I needed to adapt my vanilla Space Marine army into a Blood Angels variant. The only models I managed to complete to any degree was the two Sanguinary Priests and a Sanguinary Novitiate. I was super proud of how they turned out as the models represented my most unique modeling attempt yet. It wasn't until my first night there, hanging out with one of my 40K buddies that I realized that I had left all three of these at home. ARRGH! I was filled with sadness and shame. To try and get back at least a small part of my pride, I took some pics of these models very soon after arriving back home. Those you see above were the source of my blunder. More details shots later.

     I had an excellent time, playing quite a lots of games. We played games from the Battle Missions book exclusively. This turned out pretty well. You might have heard other sources comment that the three missions for each race represent a difficulty scale of "Easy, Less Easy, and Hard." They aren't telling the truth at all. We examined these missions pretty closely and determined that the difficulty of the missions do vary for the originating armies, but it's not consistent across the entire book. It also varies based largely on the armies you are choosing to play.

     We played a few "Theory-Hammer" games, testing out some armies my buddy had dreamed up. I was shocked to see how these somewhat silly builds did on the table. They were difficult lists to play against, and at least one of these he seems to be determined to build. He had just recently completed a Grey Knights army and seemed pretty happy to build an army based on a codex that wasn't over eight or nine years old.

     I picked up the 40K basing kit from the GW store. For only $20, it seems to be a pretty neat kit. There's nice little resin base features, some slate chips, and some course gravel. I'm quite happy with it as I'm fairly terrible with bases, so this should help me out.

     The bigger news, however, is that I'm ready to start on my Imperial Guard army. I'm building a guard army that might not be super competitive, and that's totally fine by me. I'm wanting to make a sort of "elite" guard army. Veterans and Storm Troopers make up the infantry and a couple of Valkyries and just three all-out offensive vehicles makes this much more of a finesse army than most Guard armies.

    I'm planning on giving the army an urban camo theme, but I'm having a little difficulty finding a good tutorial vids or pics on some good grey or like colored guard. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

    Here are some more detailed pics of the Priests:

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