Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Most Dangerous Game

     I'm back in the groove at home. I've started work on my IG army, and I have just so many ideas spinning around in my head that I'm having difficulty focusing on finishing my Blood Angels. There's not just a terrible amount of work that I have to do, but there's enough that I'm letting the IG distract me willfully. On the Guard front, I've assembled my first Veteran Squad, I've completed all their bases, and I've even managed to build a Hell Hound (complete with magnetized weapons). I've also been pecking away impatiently at my Valkyrie model. I'm afraid of doing any substantial assembly as I need to understand what I'm going to need to paint and how I might magnetize things.

     I stopped by at my CLGS this Saturday for a game. I experienced what I might classify as the worst game I've ever been a part of. I brought my Orks (1850 pts) against a Necrons army. This guy is a regular, but he's not very... good. He basically lost the game in deployment. He crammed everything into a corner, put his Monolith in reserve, and let my Biker Nobz and Foot Nobz run rampant through his trapped Necrons. I've seen this guy up there on and off for the last year. I really have to wonder what he has been doing because there were some really basic 40K concepts that seemed to be alien to him. He didn't even know that you can assault multiple units. He asked if that was a piece of war gear that I had on my Nobz.

     The game was officially over at the end of round two. Unofficially it was really over after the top of round two. Though I won, it wasn't fun. I've said before that I thought my Orks were a little TOO competitive to be fun, and a game like this certainly shows that. I'm not saying that I can't lose, I've proven that I'm quite capable of that. I just think I just enjoy a game were there are more eventualities. Which is why, at some point in the future, I'll need to paint up a few less power-gamey type characters for my Orks.

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