Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get to the Koptas!

     I've wrapped up my Deff Koptas, and this brings my 1850 point Orks army to a close. I have plenty of other Ork units that I will work on in the future, but for the time being, it's time to move to my Blood Angels SM variant army. This will allow me to play my current SM army with a little twist. I'm very excited about some of the modeling I'll be able to do with the few models I'm adding to take advantage of the BA codex.

     I also reached an interesting milestone with the completion of these Koptas. I've now painted an entire Assault on Black Reach starter set! I think that's pretty awesome. I purchased that kit just about a year ago, and from it I've developed two 1850 point armies. I've got to say that it has been a great first year in a new and interesting hobby. I'm really looking forward to continuing my armies and playing a ton of games. Here are a few detail shots of my Koptas and my AoBR set:

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Chris said...

I like the color scheme on those Marines.