Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Boyz for the Whaaagh!

Took a week, but the first batch of Boyz are done. A nice little group of five. I really just took my time and enjoyed the models. I tried to make sure that each one had a good level of detail, and some little bit of uniqueness to them. I'm pleased with the paint scheme and I can't wait to see the whole group of 29 Boyz with their Nob leader charging off into battle.

I picked up a box of Loota/Burnas and I'm pleased to see that with some extra torsos/legs I'll be able to use everything in the box and come away with 5 burnas, 4 lootas, and a mek. It's a great kit and every model out of that box will be unique. That's incredible! It furthers my belief that some other GW products are over-priced. Here I have this splendid box with all these unique parts for essentially a five man squad for about $20. Yet there are boxes for 5 men squads (still plastic) for more than twice that? Pfft... please.

Here are some detail shots of the 5 boyz:


Tabletop Painter said...

To he honest i really like your orks more than the marine army u did. I think it was the color scheme you used for the marines it just didnt work for me. I am looking forward to seeing more orks as they roll off the assebmly line lol.

Sam said...

I sort of figured that the space marine color scheme I picked was going to be a real love-hate thing. So far, I've had a lot of positive feedback, but I can certainly understand not liking it. What's funny is that I've also received a little criticism for the orange. Some people apparently just plain don't like orange. That's fine. As long as I'm happy with it (which I am obviously) then it's cool. Thanks for the comment. I have some more Orks coming, as I'm back on track now. Keep an eye out for some more stuff soon.