Friday, August 14, 2009

Jump on in

Here's my first metal model! I picked this jump Chaplain up at a GW store while I was back home on vacation. I had been planning on adding one of these bad boys to my army since I had 10 assault marines and all. Unfortunately my assault marines don't have the most stellar record on the battlefield. I deep struck them off the board on their first game. I had them almost completely vaporized by a monolith three times. The most humiliating though, was when the sargeant lost in hand-to-hand against a Necron Destroyer. One game, they managed to do some damage, but even then it was mitigated by another deadly monolith attack and some withering fire. Maybe this Chaplain will give the Prodigal Sons fifth company's assault marines the inspiration they need to turn things around!

Extremely fun model to paint. Dead easy, if you ask me. One of my favorite things to do is to paint lots of little tiny symbols and scripts, and this was the PERFECT model for just that. I even put a red aquilla logo in there. I've got another metal model waiting in the wings, so I'm hoping to keep things on a roll here. Here are some more detail shots for ya:


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! I think you'll see a much greater return from your assault troops once you add this guy into the mix. Of course, you'll also notice that your opponent will pay much greater attention to them in the form of fire directed their way :P

Sam said...

Yeah. I think I was positioning them poorly. I really should have been looking to avoid the range of the monolith. And deep striking them too close to the board edge was slightly a rookie mistake. I wasn't really digging my other options there. Still, I can't wait to see these guys using their full force against an opponent.

eriochrome said...

I do not really think deepstriking assault marines is the way to go. Try to advance them up behind your vehicles.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Your chaplain looks great. You have done an excellent job.

He will pack that extra punch that you are looking for with your Assault Marines.

Don't worry about the mistakes you make during your games. We all learn through experience. The best teacher is real game time on the table.

There are several ways to use assault marines depending on the particular mission and army list you are running. Trust me, you will figure it out.

Schnitzel said...

Awesome job! I love the details on the scroll work. How do you do them?
Just finished the same model myself, except dedicated to Chaos. ;)
My scroll work looks like big fat black squigles though.

Sam said...

Mostly I used a 10/0 brush. Not a particularly expensive one. I think it was a Testors brush. I mixed Chaos Black with a bit of Mud Brown (Reaper Paints color) to get a nice dark ink color. I used Scab Red for the red text bits and details, like the Aquilla on there. I just do tiny irregular linear movements to get the text. You have to be slow about it and getting the right fluidity of the paints is critical. You'll know if they're too thin when all the paint sluffs off a loaded brush the very moment it touches something. So I usually test the brush on something first before I start doing those finer details.