Sunday, August 16, 2009

Demons be warned

Here is the first of my Grey Knights. I'm planning on adding a few as allies for my Space Marine army. I'll be running this model here as a Grand Master and he'll be brining a retinue of Grey Knight Terminators with him.

Painting this model was a bit more challenging than I expected. The model is more complex than I thought but certainly worth the effort. I magnetized his sword hand for transportation and primed him using Krylon Ultra Flat Black. First time using Krylon to prime. I was nervous about it but I think he turned out well. I primed outside, which is dangerous here in Florida with the crazy humidity. I've never used so many metallics on a model before, but the effect is pretty sharp. I kept the base simple, for now, with plans to add some flocking to it in the near future. There are a few areas I'm going to touch up as well. There's always something I miss on a model when I think I'm finished. Oh well.

I tried to do a little source lighting. Very little... but I think I didn't ruin the paint job, and that's a win in my book. In fact, now that I feel a bit more confident, I think I'll try more of that in the future. Here are some detail shots:

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