Friday, September 3, 2010

Games Day Photos

     Here, at long last, are some photos of Games Day 2010 in Baltimore. I lost my camera's cable somewhere during my move, and I finally had to break down and just buy one at Best Buy. 28 dollars later, PHOTOS! So I took lots of photos and I'm not going to show them all here. If you want to see all of the shots, check out my gallery here.

     The first thing I took a bunch of photos of were the GW display tables. These were pretty impressive, but some difficult to get good photos of. I really enjoyed one Warhammer Fantasy table in particular that showed an awesome castle being sieged by a Skaven horde. The really interesting part of this display was the tunnels that were carved out under the castle, showing Skaven sappers trying to dig their way into the city:

     I had to stop by the Forge World displays and check to see if there was anything I hadn't seen announced yet. I was pleasantly surprised with the Red Scorpion Librarian and Honor Guard. The Tau crisis suits, though not "new", are just SO much more impressive in person, though I didn't bother getting photos of them as they were in a horrible position for that.

          I swung by the club tables to see what was going on. I recognized Jawaballs' banner over at one of the tables, and spotted him hanging out by their table. I'm no fan of Jawaballs, so I just kept on walking. I found my favorite banner of the day nearby:

     They were also running one of the coolest tables there as well:

     After checking out those club tables, a strolled by the booth promoting Relic's Space Marine game (looks totally awesome) and they had an animatronic costume of an Ork Boy. Very impressive bit of kit. The kids seemed to really like it, and those that didn't were too terrified to say otherwise.

     I now found myself at the open tables area. There were some excellent tables setup, and some interesting terrain to play with. I strolled about for a while, watching people setup, and start some games of 40K and Fantasy. I finally found someone to play a game with, as I described in the last post, and here are some pics of that battle:

     I ended my day by taking a tour through the Golden Demon gallery. There were simply tons of awesome paint jobs and models. So much to see and take in. I was really taken with a Plague Bell that had been modified with a nice little LED inside the ringer, and a really awesome Ork Deffdread (I think) that looked just totally wild. I took a bunch of pics of the models on display, so check out the gallery for some more Golden Demon entries.

     If you have any questions about these pics, or the ones you see in the gallery, feel free to post those questions in the comments. Oh and one more for a friend back in Pensacola...

Banshees are better....

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