Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Hugz!

     An update at last! Sorry for the little bit of down-time. I've been pretty busy. I completed eight Lootas, and this here Deff Dread. The Lootas, I'm afraid, haven't been photo'd yet. I'll get around to taking some pics of those in the future. Right now, I need to plug ahead. I would like to talk about this big-bad-blender right here, in the meantime. The Deff Dread kit model is the best kit I've assembled in 40K. The options are awesome, and the assembly was a breeze. They need more kits like this one for sure. Painting him was an absolute blast. I don't think I've had more pride upon completion than I had with this baddie. If you're an Ork player, and you're on the fence about this model, let me just say that if you pass this up, you're crazy! Even if you NEVER run him in your army, you just got to get one for the sheer coolness alone.

     Now, on a non-Ork related note: I've got an interesting plan for my Space Marines. My hope is to put together a Blood Angels variant list, using mostly my current SM models. My 1850 point list should include the following new models:

-5 man honour guard (including Sanguinary Novitiate)
-2 Sanguinary Priests
-1 New Space Marine Captain

     With just those models, I'll have a VERY different list to play. I'm trying not to spam uber-units into the mix because that's not really what this army is about. After playing some games with my Orks, I'm beginning to feel that they're just a bit TOO powerful. I'm not saying that I can't lose, not at all. What I'm saying is that it sucks a little bit of the fun out of the game. My most memorable games tend to be with my Space Marines, and that list is FAR from competitive. My other problem is that, right now, my Orks are a little too "two dimensional" in that they are nearly completely about close combat. Granted, they're Orks, but I really think that there's something to be said about the more silly, certainly less competitive Ork units and HQs that have nothing to do with close combat. The Shokk Attack gun, for example. I'll get around to adding this layer to my Orks eventually, but for the near future, I think this Blood Angels variant list will do just fine.

     Here are some detail pics of the Deff Dread for your viewing pleasure: 

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