Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shhhh... I've got a "sekret."

     FINALLY I've completed my Ork Kommandos with Boss Snikrot. I must say that painting these guys has been the most painful squad I've ever done. I'm not sure why, exactly. The fact that every model was different in sometimes extreme ways maybe didn't help. Maybe it was because they were all metal (with the exception of the two with burnas). All I do know is that it seemed to take forever. They do look pretty good together, although I'm not happy with how some of them fit (or rather DON'T fit) on their bases. These models have their feet WAY too far apart for a normal 25mm base. You basically have to balance them on their heels and it doesn't look good. The burnas are worse but since they are plastic, their weight doesn't cause all the problems that the metal models have.

     I've been tweaking my 1500 and 1850 point lists for my Orks. Things seem to be falling into place. My thoughts keep slipping back to my Space Marines and all the additions I'm planning on making to that army. I really just need to find some focus in order to expedite this Ork army so I can get it on the table. I have eight Lootas, three Nob bikerz, and the War Boss on the Bike left to go to reach my 1500 point list. To hit my 1850 mark I'll need to throw in a Deff Dread (those new models are insanely cool), and some Deff Koptas in the very least.

     By the way: Am I the only one out here that just wants the Blood Angels Codex to be released already, purely for the fact that it means we can get to a non-Space Marine based codex a little faster? I doubt it.

     Here are some more pics of my Kommandos:


Sin said...

God, these guys look gorgeous! Fuckin' nice job mate!

Warhammer39999 said...

They really do look great. The skin tones, rust effects, and gem highlights are all super groovy.

Great job!

Shawn Duncan said...

Look at those cheaters.