Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leader of the pack

     Well I received this awesome model from Forgeworld this week. This is my first full Forgeworld model that I've had to build. I feel that I need to state just how much a pain in the ass this model was. Sure, there's tons of detail, but to that end, there's TONS of little fiddly bits that require an amazing amount of frustration to get these parts to come together properly.

     The worst part had to be the guns. Now there is some slick detail here indeed. They have a belt of ammo going up to each gun from a box slung under the chassis. Coming out of each gun are a stream of empty shells and a dangling bit of empty ammo belt. Here's a pic:

     The gun is one piece but the full belt, empty belt, and shells are all small seperate parts. The amount of time I spent on those parts is just stupid. Sure, it looks good, but why the hell did I do that? Hopefully it'll be worth it when it's painted.

     Obviously my main concern is that there are absolutely no instructions. It's just a few pictures of the completed model, then on the reverse side a picture of the contents of the box with a few words to describe the parts. That's great, but I was left with two parts that were described as "dampeners" and I have NO idea where these things are supposed to go. I assumed these are shocks, but I can't tell how they're supposed to be hooked up. I've looked at the Forgeworld site and eyed their pics up and down and can't spot these tiny little bits on their model at all. I'm just leaving them off.

     Regardless of all this, I'm very much looking forward to painting it. I've got some great ideas of how I want it to look, so now I have some motivation to get cracking on my Ork Kommandos so that I can start work on this bad boy.

     Unrelated note: Played some games on Saturday, good times were had by all. Battle Missions book is totally full of win. It's official.


Sin said...

What do the models look like? The Dampeners?

Sam said...

They look like little shock absorbers. They have a little box on each end that I suppose is meant to be glued between the rear wheel assembly and the chassis, but for the life of me, I don't know where.

Shawn Duncan said...