Thursday, March 4, 2010

Battle Missions = Excited!

     Man oh man! I couldn't be any more excited about this Battle Missions book than I am right now! One of the biggest things that pulled me into this hobby/game was the narrative. I was hooked when I began to learn how gritty and unique this sci-fi fantasy really was. This book taps directly into that vein.

     The primary motivation I have for painting my models is that I want them too look complete on the table. I want my opponent to feel the same way so that, when we're playing, you can SEE the story play out. There's fantastic subtext to everything, sometimes even the rules themselves! My tactical marines all are unique in some way. There's a story there. I have rank markings, runes, and reasons for all of it. As the game unfolds, I've found myself choosing particular marines out of the squad as casualties. Not because it has massive strategic purpose but because I have a story in my head about it. It's like being young again and playing Cowboys and Indians, but now that I'm 31 I think this 40K game is a bit more reasonable for my age.

     I have a friend who has, in less than a year, amassed four armies. All but one was directly selected purely because of the story behind the army. This is what we crave! Now seriously Kris, get to painting. Hah! Just kidding... but seriously... paint.

     I hope I enjoy this book, and I really look forward to exploring the template of creative missions provided. I'm going to be introducing some people to 40K this weekend, and this might be the perfect opportunity.

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