Friday, January 21, 2011

White Hot Rage!

     I'm ready for my close-up! So I've been experimenting. A friend of mine has asked me to paint his army, there's money involved, and I don't want to let him down. The request he has made, frankly, sounded like a bit of a challenge, but one I pretty much asked for.

     White marines. Ugh! What have I gotten myself into. So far I have "finished" two test models. Both were learning experiences. I tried the following recipes:

--First Attempt--
Based Codex Grey
Badab Black wash
Went back over with Codex Grey, leaving the darker areas
Went over the whole model with Fortress Grey
Went over most of the model with Skull White

--Second Attempt-- (Les Bursley from's White Scars Tutorial)
Based Fortress Grey
Badab Black wash
Went back over with Fortress Grey
Edge Highlighted with Skull White

     The first attempt was less than satisfactory. The white simply became chalky, even with the very thin coats. Though the overall color was about what I was looking for, it just wasn't good. I didn't bother taking a photo of it.

     The second attempt was much better looking, but obviously not white. Just wasn't white at all. It was light grey, sure, but no mistaking that for white at all. Now having watched the aforementioned tutorial over, I was more confused than ever. His "Fortress Grey" was SUPER light. Looked like white, or very nearly enough white. He only highlights a few areas in the video with Skull White. The end results he got were very different from mine.

     I haven't given up yet. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I'm going to try basing with Space Wolves Grey, then covering that with a 50/50 mix of Space Wolves Grey and Skull White. I'll then edge highlight with Skull White. I think this will not only give a close-to-white look, but it'll have a slight blueish tint that will like a little "icy."

     Nevertheless it had been a while since I had put a paint brush on a marine model, and it felt really good to complete one again. I've only been doing this hobby for a little less than two years, but it seemed a little like coming home. I was happy to complete these tests, but I'm really looking forward to some more trials and possibly some better results. I'll keep ya posted. In the mean time, here are some more shots of my test model from attempt number two:


jabberjabber said...

I like the white highlights and edging that you've achieved on the model -- really nice work.

The GunGrave said...

Yeah, i think they look great, and you have your scheme right there!

Richard said...

I think GW don't produce their old Ghostly Grey anymore, but Vallejo do - Ghost Grey (in the Game Colour range) is a very light grey that dries just dark enough that you can get a little extra pop out of white highlights. I think if you're able to substitute that for Fortress Grey in the APJ tutorial, you should be just fine.

Sam said...

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm working on a model based with Vallejo's "Wolf Grey", which is obviously a close match to "Space Wolves Grey." After basing the model with my airbrush, it seemed to me to be more white and slightly less blue than the "Space Wolves Grey" and thus I think this model might be a fantastic match.

Thanks for the tip Richard. I'll have to give that a shot if this Wolf Grey doesn't quite work out.