Friday, January 28, 2011


Making a list...

     So I've been stocking up some materials for some experiments. Of course recently I was consumed with painting white. I have one more test figure locked and loaded for that with my final test. Thanks to your comments, dear readers, I've picked up Vallejo Ghost Grey. I'll be using that very soon. Here are a few other tests I have coming up:

Vallejo Airbrush Primer

     I've been wanting to try this stuff out. I've finally got my hands on some and I'm going to test this out. I have quite a lot of minis waiting to be painted so I'll be testing it on a mix of infantry and vehicle models.

Airbrushing Camo Patterns on Vehicles

     This means the long awaited vehicle phase of my Imperial Guard Army is finally upon me. That means I'm going to have to get used to painting camo patterns on vehicles. I'm opting to use an airbrush and masking techniques to get the job done. I'm sure it'll be a learning experience, so before I go slapping paint on GW models I'm either going to try it out on some cheap toys (that might work well as terrain pieces) or just on flat cardboard. Of course the toy idea sounds more interesting to me.

Vallejo Weathering Powders

     So when I placed my order for the Vallejo Airbrush Primer, and some various other paints, I thought I'd take a look at the weathering powders. It seems like an interesting concept, and I've liked the results I've seen in other peoples' work. I of course had heard of the Tamiya weathering kits, but I noticed that Vallejo had kits as well. The Vallejo kits had better color choices, for me at least, and I picked the one you see in the imagine at the top of the section. If I get a toy to test out the camo, I'll be sure to test the powders on that as well.

Actually Playing 40K

     Yeah, I realized the other day that it had been a horribly long time since I last played an actual game of 40K. I've decided that it was shameful, so I'm going to take a little break from all this painting for the next two weeks and actually get some games in. I'll most likely be taking my Orks back out, as I'm planning on selling my Space Marines, and I would hate to play a few games and then change my mind.

Selling My Marines

     Which reminds me, if you're interested in my Marines, let me know. It's a terrific starter army, as it has a little of everything one would want to base an army. I've got about 1850 points, the whole army is painted (better than tabletop quality, I think) and I'll likely throw in the Battle Foam trays, and even the Pack 432 if you're interested (I'll likely have to move to a larger bag with this IG army... Vendettas and Valks are BIG!). Name your price, and we'll talk it out. Quick list of what I have:

1 AoBR Captain
1 Assault Chaplain (It pains me to sell this... he's one of my all-time favorite models)
1 Command squad w/Standard bearer, Champion, and Apothecary with all vets geared with CC weapons.
2 x 10 man Tactical Squads w/ Missile Launchers and Flamers
1 10 man Assault Squad w/ 2 Plasma Pistols and Sarge with Powerfist and Shield
5 man Sniper Scouts with Camo Cloaks (converted with hoods and all have night vision goggles)
1 Telion (for above mentioned scouts)
5 AoBR Terminators

1 AoBR Dreadnought
1 Whirlwind
3 Rhinos (Doors magnetized such that you could covert into Predators or whatever)
1 Predator (All options magnetized)
1 Vindicator

     That's it for now. I'll try and get a post up about some of my games as soon as I can. Hopefully I remember to take a camera, maybe get a few shots of the "action"... if you can call it that.

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