Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chaplain all finished! Compare it to my first ever mini!

Chaplain Complete!

     Yay!  It's done!  This model is still one of my most favorite models from GW.  It's tough looking and menacing.  I'm a fan of chaplains in the game in general but this one is just the most aggressive looking of the bunch.  I've painted two now, maybe one day I'll paint one that I own.

     I decided, upon completion of this model, that what I had in my hands was what I very well might describe as my best painted mini to date.  There are things I could have done better, details I could have spent more time on, and I've yet to date not ventured away from using metallic paints thus all this leads me to still be sure in that this isn't Golden Demon quality.  Here are some other pics of the Chaplain:

     Since I'm so fond of the model, I decided to take a moment, open up my display cabinet and pull out the first model I had ever painted.  It was just about 5 years ago that I had purchased the Assault on Black Reach Painting Starter Kit.  It came with five snap-together marines, six horrible paints (really rubbery), and one less than optimal brush.  I remember how proud I was of that first model.  How proud I was after completing all five!  I still feel the same way when I complete any new model.

     With this old model in my hand, I gave it a good going over with my more skilled eye.  It looks silly to me now, but it still makes me smile.  Considering I was using a really horrible brush and really horrible paints, it's not that bad...  no, it's bad.  But it's mine, and you never forget your first.

The Good Old Days

     Thanks for reading!  Hope you've enjoyed the progress pics of the Chaplain.  Up next I have to ABSOLUTELY finish my Valkyrie.  That bastard has been lurking around my painting table for far too long and it's time it did something useful.  I have some fancy resin bases on order from Secret Weapons Miniatures so once those come in I'll be sure to give a brief review.  I should be able to order the last bits needed for my Guard army within this next month.  I'm excited about that, but I'm even MORE excited about being able to put together my Ork flyer!  Airborne WAAAGH!


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic mate. The yellow arm is really striking and not something i'd ever thought about but looks quite natural.

And your first mini isn't that bad - rough, yes; but not too shabby. I've kept my first minis, also a 5 man snap fit, but decidedly older than yours by a good 10 or so years.

I'll have to dig them out and post them next to a current model one day like you have done.

Anyway, great work on the Chaplain - you should send it into the GW blog page.

Sam said...

Thanks for the comment, Rogue Pom. I also appreciate the compliments. My brother pointed out to me that I should post my most recent model that is most equivalent to my first model. I have a snap-fit model that I did as a test for a White Scars concept, maybe I'll dig that out and pose them together. I can certainly say that I've learned a ton about painting in the intervening years.

Also noticed that you've been working on a Valkyrie, Rogue Pom, and it looks like it's coming along fantastically. Keep up the good work.