Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to camo a camo paint job

And for my next trick...

     So I bought this little cheap hummer model you see here. It was green camo, but I'm going to paint it a different camo. I must be bored. Not really actually, I'm using this here $2 model as a test bed for the camo techniques I hope to use on my Imperial Guard vehicles.

     Early days here, obviously. All I've done to the model is remove the very cheesy Army stickers, put silly putty over the windows (which is really just another test) and I've primed it. Of note though, I did use my new airbrush primer from Vallejo. I must say, this is the awesome way to prime. No stink, not horrid over-spray, no "fluffy" models, no detail lost. Stuff goes on like a champ. I'm thinking I'll likely be priming all my models like this now.

     I did apply this primer coat rather thin. I'm not wanting to waste the little amount I have on this $2 model because the primer actually costs more than the model. This coat should be good enough. I'll be sure to try and take a few progress shots as I go. If that's the sort of thing you're interested in, stay tuned.

     Oh and I put my little bulldozer in my display case along with my other guard. Looks rather awesome in there. Good for a chuckle. That's all I have for now. Quick update, thanks for stopping by.

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palehorse said...

Dude too cool. I have found the same trucks....I have used the pick up and suv stle ones.Great scale for imperial guard.I up armored them and what.Going to use them a salamanders or sentinals.

Great minds think alike