Sunday, March 6, 2011

Command Squad Vox Caster completed!

Finally some progress!

     I have to apologize for, what I feel, was far too long of a break from actual painting updates. Silly finger injuries aside, I have been away from my painting table for too long. Ever get that feeling that, no matter what you're doing with your time off, it might be better spent painting? I do... I  might have a problem...

     So this Vox Caster marks the end of my troops. I have more infantry to paint, sure, but as I mentioned in my last post, those will be Storm Troopers, and I'm holding off on those until after my vehicles are done. Which is pretty exciting to me, because I haven't painted a 40K vehicle in seemingly ages. I think my last vehicle that I painted up was the Deff Dread for my Orks. I did paint my Koptas after that but, as we all know, those are technically vehicles, right?

     So next up should be the wacky Japanese bulldozer. This represents my weathering tests for how I'd like all my land vehicles in my guard army to look. Just the weathering, mind you, as I also have a camo test coming up too, but that'll be another model.

     So here are some additional pictures of the Vox Caster:

I liked the idea of painting him looking off to his left. I felt posture looked like he was turning. 

Ah the Dead Elf Head! The only good Eldar is a dead one. I wanted the glyph to look nearly worn off.


The GunGrave said...

Looks great, like the dynamic pose!

Sam said...

Thanks. Hopefully I'll get a little more experimental with those Storm Troopers I mentioned.

SAJ said...

Really nice job on this, that's a great color scheme for IG