Friday, December 31, 2010

Command Squad Plasma Gunner, Object Source Lighting attempt

     Here we go, two updates in a single day. Wow... unusual. I finished my Command Squad's Plasma Gunner, and yes I tried some Object Source Lighting. Or as the snooty artsy crowd might say: "Painting..."

     Well WHATEVER you want to call it, I think it looks pretty cool. I'm not saying I did it bang on, but I didn't want to spend too much time on this one command squad member. Basically I just did some strategic dry brushing ever so carefully. I tried a tiny little bit of glazing with a blue wash, buuuutttt that didn't work quite as I wanted it. I certainly realize that, in order to do some good OSL, you really need to change the shading on the opposite side of the lighting source. Basically that side needs to be darker to give the proper look to the lit side. That just would have taken a little too long, and it would have made the this one figure look rather mis-matched on the table along side the rest of the army.

     I also need to give some thanks to my wife, that made a fantastic recommendation that I paint some sort of pattern on the sole of the boot. Great idea, and I think that came out looking nice. It certainly gave some nice detail to the model.

     I've also decided that I'm going to theme my army after the veterans of Meridian. If you've played Dawn of War 2 (which you should, if you haven't) then you might remember Meridian as the planet covered in a large Hive city, the Blood Ravens came to defend this planet against the Tyranid invasion. The guard was present in many of the battles, and I think I can pull that together to give a nice back story to some of my guard squads.

     Well that's enough jibber-jabber, here are some more pics of my Plasma Gunner:

     Hope you enjoyed, comments and questions always appreciated! HAPPY NEW YEARS YA'LL!!


Texastiff said...

You're welcome. What IS it like to be married to a super genius?

Sam said...

You tell me babe, you tell me...

Ash said...

Well I can tell you that it's pretty amazing. Basically I don't have to think because she does enough for the both of us!

That's some pretty good work. Love the results especially on the sleeve.

RonSaikowski said...

The lighting is subtle and even hard to pick out with the blue armour, but the boot... that's perfect.

Ron,From the Warp

SAJ said...

Awesome paint job! And very nice work on your other projects...I'm going through your picasa albums and really enjoying your work. Keep it up!

The Antipope said...

I wonder why that guy is missing an eye :P

Great job again and the sole is a nice touch indeed!