Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back in Black

     After some time away from the painting table (though certainly not from the gaming table), I have returned. What I've returned with, and what you see above, is my first "commissioned" piece. I must say that I actually ended up not charging for it simply because the fellow I did this for is a good friend, a great spirited 40K player, and has been very entertaining company at the local game store. As I'm moving away from this area next month, I though it would make a suitable parting gift.

     I was all too happy to paint this model. I have a strange love for Space Marine Chaplains. Their models, their back story, and their menacing color scheme just strikes a chord with me. If I were to point at a GW model that embodies that, I think the Chaplain Terminator would be just that model. The "Death Head" helmet on this particular model is just pure awesome. His solid stance, and embellished armor really gives as regal sense.

     I used a very familiar technique for highlighting the black armor, and it is certainly my favorite. I used Shadow Grey to do hard-line highlighting and then accented that with Codex Grey. I went further with the Codex Grey to create scratches, or wear in a few locations to break up the black. I still prefer a cleaner style of Space Marine armor as, regardless of how old these suits are or how long they might have been fighting, they are treasured relics, cared for endlessly. I would expect battle damage during battle, but not lasting for far too much longer once the proper repairs have been effected.

     My Orks continue to enjoy success on the gaming table. I've had some very interesting and enjoyable games over the last few weeks. I've also had the distinct pleasure of introducing another coworker into the hobby and I've been lending whatever assistance I can to help build his army list in an effective manner. It has still only been slightly over a year since I started into this hobby, and I've been able to guide him by avoiding any mistakes I might have made. Some more shots of the Chaplain follow, thanks for reading:

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Sin said...

Gotta say, you not only did a hell of a job on the model. But you made me smile. Haha, thanks a bunch. I REALLY hope to get a game in with you before you leave Pensacola! I will be sure to make it probably one of the most epic games you'll play!