Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feel No Pain

     It has been a bit since I've shown some progress on my Orks. It's time to do that. Here is my Painboy, which will be running with my 10 man Nob squad deployed in a Trukk. I've got a few touches that I need to put on this guy, nothing huge though. I've played a few games with him in the squad and he does quite well. My only difficulty is deciding if I should take 'Eavy Armor on my Nobz. Technically this would make the Painboy more useful, or I should say that I would be using his Feel No Pain saves more frequently. Hmmm just not sure. I had fun making the tarnished brass look on his syringe and tank on his back. Here's some more pics:


    I've started working on the Trukk for my Big Mek, Nobz, and Painboy to ride in. I've decided that I'm going to try a technique I saw at Iron Dog Studios on the Tator Titan. I've started with the Tin Bitz layer, then I'll be doing a nice Boltgun layer. After that, I'll be picking out what I want to be black and orange and I'll go from there with more detailed painting. I think this will give a nice worn look that won't take too much time to complete. I've done the first pass tonight and here are the results:

     I'll have some options for my project following the Trukk. I've got my Kommandos all cleaned up and ready for painting, or I could go ahead and assemble my Lootas. I've gained some respect for the Lootas potent abilities, so I'm half tempted to jump ahead to them. Hmmmm but Snikrot is just an AWESOME model. Tough decisions!

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