Monday, November 30, 2009

Who's Da Boss?

Finished my Warboss from the Assault on Blackreach set. What an awesome model this is. I think there are basically three models that REALLY stand out in that starter set: the Warboss, the Space Marine Captain, and the Deff Koptas. I've gotten a TON of value out of that starter kit. I really think that GW did pretty much everything right with the contents of that box. That mini rule book is awesome for traveling, the models are terrific in inspiring you to start up the hobby, and of course throwing in the templates and some dice was a no-brainer.

Now, about the Warboss. I tried a few techniques on this model the kinda speed things up. I've got about 1000 points of Orks in my place, and I'm kinda starting to feel like I might just be able to have them all painted up before I go back home to Dallas when my leave comes up in late December. Maybe I'm crazy though, because I'm one HELL of a slow painter. I've found that I paint better by taking numerous breaks. I usually sit down for an hour, then wander off for an hour. On the weekends, I typically fill the off-time by digging through old Blue Table Painting YouTube vids. I love those guys. I can't get enough of their antics and inspirational builds.

One technique I explored with this model was blood splattering. I was worried about scaling this effect properly. What I ended up doing was taking my Citadel Detail Brush that I got in their 40K painting starter kit (that have five Ultra Marines in it) and I've since converted to a dry brush, and loaded that sucker up with Gore Red mixed with about 30% water, and just raked my thumb across the brush, flicking paint onto the model. The effect was really well scaled, easy to do, and looked great. Just be careful that you don't get unintentional splash onto something nearby that wasn't supposed to be speckled with blood. I managed to only hit a paint pot, so I learned my lesson at a very low cost.

Here are some more details of the Boss:

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